Cashmere scarf Isteria Black (Cobalt) / Red - Cavaleros Denmark
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Cashmere scarf Isteria Black (Cobalt) / Red

599,00 DKK

inkl. moms

30% Cashmere / 70% Cotton

66×185 cm

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Only left in stock

Gratis fragt til pakkeshop i Danmark/ Privatlevering 50,- Dkk

EU shipping 10 Euro/Free shipping above 100 Euro

Gratis ombytning i 365 dage*

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Anmeldelser: Fremragende 4.8 ud af 5.0

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Produkt Beskrivelse

Thick scarf in 30% cashmere / 70% Cotton.

Incredibly soft and delicious to wear. Decorated with beautiful horse motifs and in modern color combinations

The picture shows half of the scarf and shows the front and back

Contrast colors on the back so it can be turned to whatever color you want.

Hand wash in a maximum of 30 degrees hot water and iron over light heat

Cashmere wool is hygroscopic which is a term for substances that easily absorb water vapor from the surroundings. This means that clothes made of cashmere wool are breathable and conduct moisture away from the body.

The cashmere goats only live in the heights where extreme cold temperatures mean that the goats develop the very fine undercoat


Each scarf is woven in beautiful patterns and beautiful colors


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