PREORDER Blouse Dulce black short-sleeved - Cavaleros Denmark
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PREORDER Blouse Dulce black short-sleeved

699,00 DKK

inkl. moms

PREORDER – Coming in March 2022

Regular in size.


Gratis fragt til pakkeshop i Danmark/ Privatlevering 50,- Dkk

EU shipping 10 Euro/Free shipping above 100 Euro

Gratis ombytning i 365 dage*

Bestil inden kl 14 og få dagen efter!

Anmeldelser: Fremragende 4.8 ud af 5.0

Produkt Beskrivelse

Stylish details on the new Dulce blouse which is made of a technical material that is

– Extremely breathable
– Extremely sweat-absorbent so you can use it for many days in a row!
Made of a silky soft material which does not change shape in the wash
– QuickDry effect
– SportsFit with great comfort
– UV50 sun protection
– Anti-peeling system
– Minimal stitching in the best quality
– Super elastic material
– With our NEW logo which fits our new series of riding breeches
-Swarovski stone
-Italian luxury material



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