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Breeches Evento Dressage

800,00 DKK1.599,00 DKK

inkl. moms

Water-repellent riding breeches with large lumbar support and minimal stitching.

Now also as a special edition with black glitter logos


Gratis fragt til pakkeshop i Danmark/ Privatlevering 50,- Dkk

EU shipping 10 Euro/Free shipping above 100 Euro

Gratis ombytning i 365 dage*

Bestil inden kl 14 og få dagen efter!

Anmeldelser: Fremragende 4.8 ud af 5.0

Produkt Beskrivelse

Evento is made of the most delicious material, which not only is super soft and elastic, it is also extremely grease, dirt and water repellent.

It is a new technology of fabric which with its amazing abilities against water, is also super soft and breathable! We promise you that you will love these pants!


Evento has 1 small glitter logo at the right knee, 1 glitter logo at the front on the right pocket and one at the waist at the back.


What does the lumbar support do?

Due to the design of the waist, you get a completely new experience of a good fit. The waist is angled so you have a high support at the back but a lower one at the front. Everything is elastic so the pants will shape to your body.

The angle makes it easier for you to use your abdominal muscles and get good support for sitting correctly during riding.

What material are they made of?

They are made of an innovative material which is extremely water-repellent and grease-repellent, but also at the same time breathable and super elastic. Which makes the fit quite exceptional on the Evento model.

You will experience a pair of trousers that stay beautiful for a very long time without washing.

The pants are so light that they just feel like an extra layer of skin.

They must be washed gently in detergent intended for ski clothes with the same functions. That way, you extend the shelf life. However, after 10 washes, you will lose 5-10% of the water-repellent and grease-repellent ability.

On these trousers we reduce all seams as much as possible and therefore have no seams at the front at the knees. Together with the great stretchability, these pants feel absolutely fantastic to wear.

Holds the grips?

We test our pants every single day. We have several test riders who ride many horses every day and expose them to a hard daily use. We are very aware of the flu in particular! They simply just have to hold!

Our grip is not too “strong” so it locks your seat, but also not too “weak” so you can not hold on. We think it should be reminiscent of skins, but just give you the extra that skins can not.

How is the fit?

The fabric is very stretchable in all directions and we have made the pants in a Slimfit that pretty much fits everyone, as the fabric shapes itself to the body. You get a pair of trousers that fit without you losing movement. You will find that you have much greater mobility than you are used to. Some call them “Tights with the function of riding breeches”. We have minimized the seams around the ankle, and extended the lycra fabric at the bottom so that they do not stump on tall girls, and do not become too long for slightly shorter girls. Our pockets are deep and have elastic, so they can easily accommodate a large mobile.

It’s all the little details that make all the difference.

We call it Perfect Fit.


Washing instructions

Washing instructions

Wash at max 40 degrees in mild detergent intended for water-repellent materials, without bleach in. Preferably in detergent without perfume. Some types of perfume can ruin the flu.

Do not use emollients such as fabric softener or vinegar – it will dissolve the flu.

Wash inside out with all zippers and buttons closed – so as not to damage the trousers.

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach

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