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Tights Carino Shaping Compress

inkl. moms


Regular in size – if you are between 2 sizes, we recommend the smallest size

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Gratis fragt til pakkeshop i Danmark/ Privatlevering 50,- Dkk

EU shipping 10 Euro/Free shipping above 100 Euro

Gratis ombytning i 365 dage*

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Anmeldelser: Fremragende 4.8 ud af 5.0

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These are our brand new tights in a super nice material which we also use in our very popular Carino Compress tights!

We have made a completely new type of waist which will give you a light support in the lower back. It is shaped so that it has the wide piece in the middle of the belly in front. It is not only very comfortable but it also helps to support the stomach. It is grip inside the waist so your pants sit where you put them and do not slip down. Who does not know the weary feeling of when to go and pull up his tights?

You do not have to with them here.

We have the same details as on our Sahara Sahping – the seams go in a nice curve down the thigh and give a nice effect and slimming effect.

They can withstand an incredible amount of wear, hair and hay are easily brushed off.

They have lining which makes them incredibly versatile for the Danish weather. We recommend that they use in temperatures between 3 degrees to 20 degrees. If you want a lighter version, choose our Summertights.

Compression makes your recovery phase more efficient, so you are quickly upstairs again after riding. The tights are designed with wide elastic at the waist, as well as grips that hold your tights in place even during physical work. They have flat seams, which – together with the flexible material – ensures a superior freedom of movement without inconvenience. The material is also light and sweat-transporting and protects against both the sun’s harmful rays and unpleasant odor nuisances.

  • NEW lycra finish for a tighter fit at the ankle
  • NEW Shaping fit
  • NEW – Shaping details that highlight a woman’s body
  • NEW – No seams at the front of the knee
  • NEW – now also available with knee grips!
  • NEW – Light lumbar support
  • The material is thoroughly tested and with compression for optimal power, flexibility and durability
  • Lightweight and sweat-transporting material
  • Antibacterial and environmentally friendly material
  • Elastic at the waist
  • Grip the waist
  • Flat seams
  • Grab both pockets so your phone can not smoke out
  • Regular in size – if you are between 2 sizes, we recommend the smallest size!
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