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About us

Welcome to Cavaleros Denmark

At Cavaleros Denmark, we are passionate about providing equestrian clothing and equipment that makes a noticeable difference in our customers’ everyday lives. Founded in 2017, our mission is to develop innovative and quality-oriented products that set new standards in equestrian sports. Our commitment to quality and innovation has led to several groundbreaking products that we are proud to offer.

Our History

Our journey began in Slagelse, about 60 km from Copenhagen, and we have since developed into a leading supplier of riding clothes and equipment under our own brand. In 2018, we were the first in Denmark to introduce riding tights with mobile phone pockets and we have launched a range of water-repellent breeches used by top riders around the world, including Carl Hester from the UK.

Our brand, WAVE RLT Red Light Therapy, has been recognized internationally and is used in both humans and animals to treat injuries and chronic conditions. Ritzau described the products as groundbreaking in 2022.

In 2023, we introduced the first bridle with integrated magnetic therapy, an innovation that has improved comfort for many horses and made us famous worldwide.

We look forward to the launch of our new concept, PRELOVED, in October 2024. This initiative allows riders to sell their used equipment through our 800 m² store in Slagelse, without having to pay high fees. With PRELOVED you can easily add new items and even share a stand.

Key Milestones

  • July 2017: Cavaleros Denmark is founded.
  • October 2017: Launch of our first breeches with lumbar support. Our warehouse started in a 2-room apartment.
  • March 2018: Participates in the Horse & Rider fair in Herning and expands the warehouse into a garage.
  • May 2018: Introduces tights with mobile phone pockets at Roskilde Dyrskue and expands the warehouse to a container.
  • September 2018: Exhibiting at Great Horse Day with an expanded warehouse to two containers and opening our first webshop.
  • 2019: Challenges with faulty breeches and relocation to larger premises of 245 m² in Slagelse.
  • 2020: Coronavirus pandemic hits, but we secure supply chains and introduce new manufacturers.
  • 2021: No trade shows due to the pandemic, but we launch WAVE RLT and go full-time in the company.
  • 2022: Denmark opens up again and we participate in summer fairs.
  • 2023: Launch of Magnetic Therapy Bridle and relocation to new 1500 m² premises on Kongstedvej in Slagelse and opening of a 350 m² store.
  • March 2024: Largest stand at the Horse & Rider show at 250 m². Expanding the range with water-repellent breeches and bridles.
  • June 2024: Warehouse expansion to 2400 m².
  • October 2024: Launch of PRELOVED.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to challenge and redefine the boundaries of equestrian sports with innovative solutions. We prioritize high quality without costly middlemen and place great emphasis on building strong relationships with our customers. This is reflected in our dedication to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated and experienced employees who share a deep passion for equestrian sports. We foster a collaborative and creative work environment where employee feedback and product testing are crucial to our development. Our employees are a key part of our success, which is reflected in their high morale and positive work attitude.

Customer orientation

We are dedicated to delivering excellent service and value to our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are always ready to assist you. Your satisfaction is everything to us.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

We actively work to make a positive difference in society and the environment. We annually support sporting events through sponsorships and donate riding equipment through our PRELOVED concept. We use biodegradable packaging and ensure environmentally friendly shipping. Our goal is to constantly expand our green profile and develop more recyclable products.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you! Contact us at customercare@cavaleros.dk or follow us on Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest or Instagram for the latest news and offers.

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