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Team riders

Become part of Team Cavaleros

Do you want to be part of Team Cavaleros and create valuable content that motivates and inspires on your social channels?

We work closely with the influencers who are part of our team rider programme. We believe that the best collaboration is one that creates value for both parties.

If you are interested in being part of Team Cavaleros and representing Cavaleros on your social channels in Denmark, Norway or Sweden, please feel free to send us an email at sponsor@cavaleros.dk. Please write a little about yourself and how you see us as a match, and refer to your profile(s).

As a Team Rider, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a profile with at least 7000 followers
  • Create frequent content and interact with your followers
  • Riding and/or an active life with horses is a big part of your content
  • You are at least 18 years old


Claus Hundebøl – Int. jumper

I was born in 1996, and I am a show jumper at international level. Daily I ride 4-6 horses, everything from the completely inexperienced to the experienced ma-s horses!

Cashmere lady who is the horse I have ridden the most! We have placed 4th in the csi* finals at the 2019 World Cup, and numerous placings at national competitions, up to and including 135cm.

Landlyst Contra is a 7 year old mare who is my next big star! As a 6-7 year old she placed at csi competitions, and in 2020 placed 5th at dm with the rest of the team. The plan is to debut in S 2021! She is the sister of my first S horse Calina, who unfortunately is not in the sport anymore.

My favorite riding pants from Cavaleros is definitely “Fuego Men”!! I’ve had my first pair for a year and the grip still stays supple and they are super comfortable to wear EVEN after washing! Cavaleros for me is top quality at fair prices! And the service is top notch

Sandra Gudesen Dressage rider

My name is Sandra Gudesen and I have been riding since I was 5 years old. I have had 3 ponies in total and in October 2020 I got my first horse. In my last 2 pony years I rode nationally with my pony Præstegaardens Amazing Coco. I had Coco for 3.5 years. On Coco I became the winner of the Sjællandsmesterskabet 2019, winner of the DM for Team 2019, winner of two district championships, advanced to the finals of the Ecco Cup 2019 and then we became A team. I hope to continue the adventure on my horse Domino. I am extremely happy with Cavaleros, especially the support of the riding pants in the lower back. Also, my favorite model is Enigma Dressage because I love the sparkle details.”

Sandra also helps us with photo shoots – here she is with the Olympic horse Davidoff.

Sandra wears her favourite trousers – Enigma Dressage in Beige.

Bennet Conn – Dressage rider

More text on the way

See more at


Kaya Noa Showjumper


I am 14 years pony rider and have ridden most of my life.

I spend all the time I can in the stable, with my sweet ponies Jack and DaVinci❤️

I am a real pony rider! I love jumping which I ride a lot of competitions in, but also ride a lot dressage, picnic, cordeo and all kinds of other fun we can think of😁

I discovered Cavaleros when I got a pair of Salinas riding tights by chance, they became my favourites in an instant.

I actually spend a lot more time in my riding clothes than my normal “school clothes”🙈 so quality, comfort and functionality are mega important to me….!

And my mom likes that I’m easy to reach, because I ALWAYS have my phone in the handy pocket on the side of my tights, even when I’m riding!

Thousand brook


My name is Millie Bach and I am 24 years old. I am a Danish riding influencer with a huge passion for horses.

When I was 6 years old I got Lyme disease, which paralysed the whole right side of my body. As part of my rehabilitation programme, I started riding to regain control of my body. I fell completely in love with the Norwegian Fjord horse I was riding and ended up buying her. Dibsi was the love of my life, but suffered from recidivism several times, so after 15 years together I had to let her go in 2020.

I decided to buy a Friesian mare named Victoria from Stald Inger-Marienlund and in 2020 and then I started to share my life with her on social media and it blew up overnight⭐️ A few years later we have got a huge platform and we have over 250.000 people following us and hopefully there will be more in the future ❤️

I’ve been a big fan of Cavaleros since I discovered their brand a few years ago, so I’m really excited about this new partnership ❤️

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