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Jobs at Cavaleros

We will post vacancies here – you are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application. We always need skilled staff for our fairs and our warehouse.

Cavaleros is looking for innovative and outreach-minded employees!

We are looking for a minimum of 2 part-time employees of 20-25 hours per week to assist with the daily operations of Cavaleros.

We need 2 or more employees who are innovative and can be proactive in sales and are passionate about giving the customer a great experience. At the same time, we need someone who doesn’t mind picking and packing orders.

Cavaleros is a 100% Danish-owned company with Danish-designed products developed with a focus on a greener equestrian industry.

We have an office and warehouse in Slagelse, but we also participate in trade fairs around Denmark.

We’re looking for employees who can do a little bit of everything:

* In-depth knowledge of horses. You don’t need to have a horse – this is NOT a requirement, but you will definitely benefit from knowledge of the industry.

* Ability to express yourself in writing, as you may need to contact customers regarding the packing of orders.

* Ability to communicate our products – both at trade fairs and over the phone.

* We’re a fast-paced workplace, the phone is ringing, new products are flooding in and orders need to go out the same day, so you need to be able to keep several balls in the air at once.

* We handle a lot of parcels, so you need to be a bit ‘robust’.

The daily tasks are very versatile, so you’ll need to be a bit of an octopus.

Tasks will include the following:

* Handling goods (receiving, packing, shipping).

* Customer service (in person and by phone).

* During vacation, you must be able to work independently with another colleague.

* Participation at trade fairs.

Working hours will vary and you will need to report in to Slagelse.

Remuneration is based on qualifications.

If you are interested, please send your application with relevant info/attachments to job@cavaleros.dk and a good-looking photo.

In the case of the right candidate, full-time employment may be available if desired.

We also offer a lunch program and employee benefits. We call for interviews on a regular basis and are willing to wait for the right person or people.

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to call our customer service team on +45 8130 7787 or send us an email with your questions.


Are you a multimedia design student? Do you love being in front of a camera? And are Instagram, TikTok and SoMe as a whole your hobby and interest? If you are a current or current student in the Multimedia Designer program, then you might be the one we are looking for and we definitely think you should apply for the part-time job as a Content Creator for Cavalero’s social platforms.

With us, you’ll be part of a young team with high expectations. Here, it’s not far from thought to action, nor is it far to help and sparring. In return, we expect you to be able to work both independently and as part of a team.

In your position as a Content Creator, your primary tasks will be:

  • Shooting video content / reels for SoMe.
  • Editing/cutting your own material.
  • You’re as much in front of the camera as behind it, and are typically both photographer and model.
  • Planning of various SoMe feeds + stories.
  • Weekly dialog with both procurement and marketing regarding online and advertising focus points.
  • You’re looking for inspiration for and for our SoMe channels.
  • Get ‘hands on’ with the interests you already want to educate yourself in.

The ONLY REQUIREMENT we have is that you are or are about to start the Multimedia Designer program.

In addition, the position is part-time with REQUIRED attendance 2 to 3 times a week, with the possibility of an internship agreement in connection with the training – after graduation, there will be a good chance of full-time employment. Salary according to qualifications and, of course, great discounts on our riding equipment.

Who are we?

We are a dynamic and fast-growing company in the equestrian equipment industry with a shop and an already large and growing webshop. Our head office is located in Slagelse, where you will also work from. Here, your everyday life will be filled with other colleagues and an exciting and inspiring work environment.

Join the Cavaleros team by sending your application with photo and CV to Job@cavaleros.dk – label your application: ‘Content Creator’ and your name.

Start date: As soon as possible or by agreement.

Work tools: We provide PCs etc. available, if you want to use MacBook and other Apple products, you must bring them yourself.

Pga Roskilde dyrskue - er butikken og kundeservice lukket fra fredag d. 24. Maj til og med mandag d. 3. Juni - vi sender stadig ordrer afsted - dog kan der komme lidt forsinkelser!
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