Find pants according to your body type - Cavaleros Denmark
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Find pants according to your body type

Bodies come in many different types. Tall, short, narrow and round. We pay tribute to all the different body types and we have made an easy division, so you can more quickly find the pants that suit you best. Some of the models will go again, also on vastly different body types. But it’s simply because the bushes can stretch so much! It has been tested on 100s of different women over the last many years. Of course, there will always be exceptions. And if you are in doubt, you can always contact U.S.
Hourglass is characterized by a narrow waist, wider shoulders and hips than the waist
Pear shape m is characterized by the shoulders being narrower than the hips. Typically you have wide thighs and wide ankles. Everything south of the navel is wider.
Apple shape is characterized by being round around the belly. Or you just fill more around the stomach and have thinner legs. It is a body type that we have made new models for.
Column shape is characterized by being fairly straight throughout your body type. Waist, hips and shoulders are almost the same size. Typically narrow and long-limbed.

Remember that our guide is a help and not a fact list of models that you can definitely fit. With body types, there are many factors that come into play. But it’s still a good guide to what you can go for of our models.

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