Wave Red Light Therapy - Cavaleros Denmark
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Wave Red Light Therapy

We have developed a system that can be used anywhere on the horse!

We use NIR (Near infrared light) 850 nm and red light 660 nm

Our WAVE RLT pads come in different packages.

You can buy it alone – where, however, the straps that fit the body parts of the horse where it can be used will always be included.

You can also buy SMALL & MEDIUM together with a pair of our THERAPY BOOTS.

They are made especially for our WAVE RLT pads. They are attached inside upright and ensure that they are attached to the horse’s legs.

They also have a function in themselves – they can be used for barn gaiters and have an insert with FIR heat. FIR increases blood circulation and warms the horse’s legs, only by using the horse’s own heat which is sent back into muscles and tendons.

We have also made our BIG PACKS which are packages with EVERYTHING in.

They contain all the straps you need to be able to put your WAVE RLT pad anywhere on the horse.

Right from the small straps to the very large ones. All straps can be put together so you will ALWAYS be able to hit the right place on the horse – and without being afraid of it slipping down.

A smart halter is included which is mounted on 3 velcro points so you can attach your SMALL or MEDIUM WAVE RLT pad to the jaw of your horse.

In addition, 2 sets of THERAPY BOOTS gaiters are included so you have for all 4 legs.

Everything comes in a nice big suitcase

Rent your WAVE RLT before you buy!

We offer you to rent our WAVE RLT, completely without deposit. Our product is so durable that we never experience that our rental products break down with customers.

We charge DKK 400 for 1 week and there is incl shipping for you and return shipping.

If you buy your WAVE RLT product within 30 days after the end of the rental, we will refund your entire rental!

All you have to do is remind us when you buy your new product!

This offer applies to all rental products and also a long term rental.

Many of the studies show very promising results.

Here you get some of them. The list will be updated regularly.

Joint pain :



Blood circulation:










Laser vs. LED





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Gratis fragt over 299,- dkk & gratis fragt til privatlevering over 1499,- dkk - lynhurtig levering - 365 dages ombytning på alle varer!