My dog has pulled a muscle - Cavaleros Denmark
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My dog has pulled a muscle

If your veterinarian determines that your dog has suffered a strain/sprain, you can help them with the healing process by using our various WAVE RLT PENs. We always recommend WAVE RLT PEN 3.0 as it gets deepest into the tissue. But both can be used and are super effective! We see dogs recover quickly from a strain/sprain – in fact, several in 1 day and with few treatments.

WAVE RLT PEN will relieve the pain immediately, so your dog will feel much better after a short time.

You can use WAVE RLT PADS but you need to treat for longer than with the pen. If you’re not sure where the damage is – pads are easier to use

See our WAVE RLT PEN here

See our pads suitable for dogs here

Pga messe har vi fra d. 23. Februar - 14. Marts lukket i kundeservice. Vi behandler stadig ordrer normalt - men vi kan ikke behandle dine retur-varer/ombytningsvarer før efter messen.