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Cavaleros Leather Care Kit

349,00 kr.

inkl. moms

Our leather care kit specially made for our vegetable leathers in our bridles.

Contains 100 ml Cleaner, 100 ml Leather Conditioner, a soft natural hair brush and a thick microfiber cloth.

Contains extra conditioning ingredients used by the biggest bag brands in the world.


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Produkt Beskrivelse

We have tested several different brands over the years to find the best care for vegetable tanned leather.

We went around the world to find the best on the market and came up with this set, which is of a high standard.

The recipe is made from brands recommended by the most expensive bag brands in the world, such as Burberry and LV.

Only the finest and purest raw materials are used, and you’ll notice it as soon as you’ve used it once.

Ordinary care products are infused with a lot of glycerin, which often settles on top of the leather as a gray and dull film and cannot penetrate the leather well enough.

By adding the right ingredients to our care range, we also get a product that is so pleasant to use – it can’t be compared to similar products in equestrian sports.

It’s incredibly easy to use – about 100 ml can be used for more than 6 months of use if you use it every other day.

Your hands won’t get greasy after use – and won’t leave your leather ugly with stains or a gray film


Our Cleaner helps clean and care at the same time – so you can use it as needed or every day if you prefer. It also has a protective property that prevents your leather from rotting or becoming moldy.

However, you should still store your leather in a temperate environment.

You spray Cleaner onto a cloth and lightly wipe the leather.

Cleaner makes your leather soft and supple and builds up the natural color of the leather.


Every 5 times or as needed, you can use our leather conditioner – which is more like a grease – but without the greasiness.

We’ve tested its use and compared to other products that you need to polish often – you need to polish far less with this one to get the same result.

It contains natural ingredients that nourish the leather from the inside, keeping it supple and preventing it from splitting or cracking.

A cloth is used to apply the “grease” and after a short time it is absorbed into the leather and you don’t need to re-polish.


Includes a cloth and a brush to remove dirt and grime from, among other things. stones on the noseband.


Remember that the products are NOT suitable for places where there is varnish.

Always check a small area before polishing a saddle or bag, untreated core leather will change color.

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