Grime Enigma Fur Glitter Black - Cavaleros Denmark
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Grime Enigma Fur Glitter Black

179,55 kr.

inkl. moms

Enigma Fur Glitter is a brand new type of halter for those who want to stand out!



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Produkt Beskrivelse


Enigma Fur Glitter is a brand new type of halter for those who want to stand out!

Luxurious “mink” (faux fur) fur on the extra wide nose piece and the extra wide neck which is anatomically shaped for a better fit and support.


Also very suitable for transport as it provides good comfort for the neck.

Because of the shape of the neck, the neck will distribute the pressure if the horse should retreat or panic.



There is “mink” fur lining on the inside of the grimace for extra high comfort.

Adjustable nosepiece

The buckles are made of black metal with an alloy that keeps it stainless. But it requires wiping the buckle if it gets wet. Acid in rainy weather can destroy the alloy!

It’s all “speciet” up with glitter material on the rest of the grime! Really a grime that you notice!

Can be washed gently by hand.


Cob & Full

Normal in size – but with GREAT adjustability! So it can fit even the most difficult horse heads 🙂



We have limited quantities of this item!


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