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WAVE RLT Pen 2.0

1.500,00 kr.

inkl. moms

Very limited number!

Smart very strong light therapy pen for acute or chronic disorders that require treatment.

As many as 5 wavelengths gathered in a powerful light therapy pen.

Red light: 630 & 660nm

Deep red: 710 nm

Near infrared: 850 nm & 900 nm

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Produkt Beskrivelse

NOTE. There are a full 5 wavelengths! 630 nm and 660 can be clearly seen and shines very brightly, 710 nm is much weaker and 850 and 900 can not be seen with the human eye at all. This does not mean that the DIODES are broken 🙂

WAVE RLT Light Therapy Pen – makes your horse or dog perform and perform better

Use our system before and after training to prevent injuries. Your horse will be able to work and recover better after treatment with the system. It only takes 1-3 min in each area but gives great effect on the long run!

Our light leans on the many thousands of studies that have been done in the field to give you a product that works!

By collecting 5 wavelengths in LED laser diodes close together, each area gets the right wavelengths, as the studies done in the area. It is important to give 850 & 900 nm near-infrared in the ENTIRE area you want to treat as it has the strongest effect on the body and cells!

We use the wavelengths most experiments with 630, 660 nm red light, 710 nm deep red light & the powerful and powerful 850 and 900 nm near-infrared light!

We do not use the blue light as it is the weakest light and is mostly used to fight acne in skin care clinics.


Comes with 3 functions: You can turn on the smaller light bulbs only 630, 660 & 710 nm, or you can turn on the strongest 850 & 900 nm or you can turn on all laser diodes at the same time.


With strong light at specific wavelengths, the WAVE RLT Pen 2.0 has the same positive effect as lasers, just without side effects and intended for home use. You can use WAVE RLT every day and several times a day. The cells can only absorb the amount of light they need. Then they will do their maximum work and you can prevent bad cells from dying or decomposing.

The technology is based on NASA’s research and studies show that treatment with red and infrared light creates energy for the cells. Light therapy is also called LLLT (Low light laser therapy) or photon light therapy. Some also call it LTS – Light therpay system, or RLT (Red Light Therapy) Dear child many names.


You will feel the effect on your horse after very few treatments!



-Less stiffness and tension

– Trigger points – use WAVE RLT PEN on acupuncture points

-Pain relief for old injuries, arthritis, etc.

-Great effect on stressed animals

-Joint therapy

-Increased recovery in muscles and joints

-Increases blood circulation and removes waste products

-Heals damage up to 200% faster

-Treats inflammation effectively

-Faster wound healing and reduces scarring oma

-Treatment from 30 seconds -3 minutes

– Has no side effects and can be used by anyone over 18 years. Always wear goggles and never look directly into the light

-Can be used on all animals

Pulse Wave mode (PW) has been reported to be more efficient than Continuous Wave mode (CW)

When pulsed, it emits 10 Hz



With the WAVE RLT PEN you can more easily hit the difficult places where our WAVE RLT Pads have a hard time hitting.

Mouth folds, under the hoof, inside the ear or other difficult places

It has the same effect as our WAVE RLT Pads but is made as a smart little pen that is easy to carry in the bag.

You can use it anywhere on the body of your animal

It is without side effects and has been documented to relieve pain and counteract inflammation.

It has the same good effect as our WAVE RLT pads


Do not switch it on for more than 5 minutes – it switches itself off and you have to pause until it is not hot – if you do not pause there is a risk of overheating.



Made of stainless steel

Weight: 200 grams

Dimensions: 30 mm x 126 mm

Lifespan of LED chip: 50,000 hours

Has 5 effective wavelengths 630 nm, 660nm, 710 nm, 850 nm & 900 nm (710 nm is faintly visible to the human eye, 850 nm and 900 nm are invisible to the human eye)

Power density (Irridiance): 300 mW / cm2

Pulsating light with 10 Hz


WAVE RLT Pen 2.0

Travel bag

2 rechargeable batteries


USB cable


Cleaning cloth for the glass

Strap for WAVE RLT Pen 2.0

uses manual in Danish


NOTE this pen is slightly heavier and larger than our normal WAVE RLT Pen.






Always ask your vet if your horse has an injury!


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