Sevilla Thermo Tights - Cavaleros Denmark
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Sevilla Thermo Tights

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839,00 kr.
650,00 kr.

inkl. moms

Great warm water-repellent thermo riding tights in the highest quality and one of the newest materials on the market!

Thick fleece inside and with plenty of stretch so it doesn’t affect your mobility!

We’ve made a fit that suits most people – they are a little on the large side as there is a lot of stretch.

UNI-SEX model that fits both men and women




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Produkt Beskrivelse

Great warm thermo riding tights in highest quality and one of the newest materials on the market!

We’ve created a fit that suits most people – both men and women


  • 2 mobile pockets with white Cavaleros logo on the side
  • belt loops all around
  • Logo in silicone inside the waist so the pants do not slip down
  • Thinner “sock” for good space in the boots
  • Flattering design for a sleek look
  • good leg length so it also fits tall girls
  • strong material with thick fleece lining that can be stretched in all directions – so you lose no mobility
  • new design of our grip with smaller logos which gives extra grip in the saddle
  • No seams at the front of the knee so you have an optimal fit
  • Water-repellent material



How is the size?

How is the size?

We recommend sizing down one size as they are a bit on the large side and have a lot of stretch. In the small sizes from size 36 and down, the size is normal.

Read the sizes if you are looking for a men’s size – below

Sizing for men

Sizing for men

Since the model is unisex and we have made the sizes based on women – men will need to wear a slightly different size than normal.

The model wears size 42 and he wears XL in his clothes and is 195 cm tall.

30 would correspond to 3XS in men’s size

32 would be equivalent to 2XS

34 would correspond to XS

36 would correspond to S

38 would correspond to M

40 will correspond to L

42 would be equivalent to XL

44 would correspond to 2XL

46 would correspond to 3XL

48 would correspond to 4XL

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