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My dog performs at a professional level or is very active

When you have a dog that goes above and beyond – it’s not just quality food that’s needed to keep your dog fit. Harsh muscles build up lactic acid which causes pain and fatigue. You can prevent this by using WAVE RLT PADS, which you put in your dog’s basket on the day of performance. Let your dog lie down on the WAVE RLT PAD and let it go when it doesn’t want more treatment. You’ll see a big change in how quickly your dog is back and ready to perform again. Pads depend on the size of your dog – treatment time is from 5-30 min. It’s a non-invasive treatment – it can’t harm your dog. So it’s 100% safe to use!

Here you can see the pads we recommend for your dog to lie on or you can attach or lay on top of it.

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