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Competition jacket Arena show off


inkl. moms

Unique race jacket in advanced technical material that is highly stretchable and breathable!

Swarovski waterfall with black crystals on shoulders and sleeves.

Swarovski ribbons on pockets, waist and collar.

Buttons and zipper on front and zippers on front pockets

Gives a great figure regardless of size

Color: black

Includes suit bag and exclusive packaging

Gratis fragt til pakkeshop i DK - 365 dages billig ombytning*

Bestil inden kl 13 og få dagen efter*

Produkt Beskrivelse

A unique event jacket with lots of great details that make this jacket one of the best looking and most unique event jackets.


We have made a competition jacket in an advanced technical material that is highly stretchable and breathable.

You’ll feel a sense of freedom thanks to the stretchy and exclusive material that dissipates heat.

The material oozes luxury and falls beautifully to the body. It is wrinkle-free and machine washable. (but in a laundry bag at 30 degrees fine wash and inside out)

The jacket has several details that add the finishing touch MULTIPLE times!

Inside, the jacket has a thin airy material that feels great against the skin!


There is a good length in the sleeves and it has a cut that gives a great figure both with the length of the jacket and the waist!

On the shoulders we have made a beautiful “waterfall” of black swarovski stones – made with different sizes of crystals. Shining like black diamonds in the sun, they make a discreet statement but are sure to be noticed at the venue!

On the sleeves we have made the same “waterfall” of Swarovski stones – and it completes the whole look of the jacket. Stylish and delicious.

These “waterfalls” make this race jacket TOTALLY unique. And will definitely draw attention from the other riders.


There is a beautiful band of the famous Swarovski ribbon, which is used for riding helmets, on the back waist, pockets and collar.

It all adds up to make this jacket truly unique!


There’s an elegant cut on the jacket that accentuates the female body – and a nice cut at the back that gives a nice waist, whether you’re a size 34 or 44


There is a zipper in the front pockets

There is also a hidden zipper at the buttons – so the jacket is not only held in place by buttons, but also by a zipper.

There are 4 front buttons in glossy black metal with embossed Cavaleros logo.

Also on the left arm is a nice discreet metal logo in black metal with embossed Cavaleros logo.


The jacket is versatile and can be used for both dressage and jumping due to its elegant cut.


The jacket can be machine washed inside out at 30° – it is recommended to dry the jacket on a hanger.

The jacket comes in a garment bag and a nice wrapping, so it’s ready to take with you to competitions!


The jacket comes as a series of competition jacket, transition jacket, pants and blouse.

The jacket is a regular size – if you are between sizes then the smallest size

Delivery October 2024





This item can be ordered as PREORDER/pre-order.

The date set is an estimated date for delivery.

If it arrives before the agreed time, we will of course send it

Once you have placed your order – after 30 days NETS will release the amount reserved for the payment. This is something new that is done by NETS after 30 days.

However, we can still ship your jacket when it arrives home. You just need to make sure that the amount is covered.

Otherwise we can’t ship the jacket.

You can cancel your order at any time – before you have received your product.

If we have sent the item to you, the same return rules apply as for our other products.

We do not withdraw the money until we have shipped the item – however, your payment will be reserved for us for 30 days and then released to your account



The size of the jacket is normal but a little on the large side.

If you need room for a riding vest, go up a size.

Otherwise, the size is normal – if you’re between two sizes, take the smaller one. However, if you have a larger bust, go for the biggest one.

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