Magnetic Therapy Bridle™ Alicante NO 03 - Cavaleros Denmark
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Magnetic Therapy Bridle™ Alicante NO 03

2.000,00 kr.2.800,00 kr.

inkl. moms

Hanoverian noseband – dropnoseband – with soft cushion for the jaw

Black leather with white lining and white crystals on the edge – headband with 10 mm white rivoli or Swarovski stones

Partially circular stitched

Delivered without reins

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Produkt Beskrivelse

Cavalero’s new innovative Magnetic Therapy Bridle! 🌈

After two years of exciting development, we are FINALLY ready to unveil our latest triumph – the Magnetic Therapy Bridle™! 🐴🧲

Amazing Response from the Test Period: The results from the test of our magnetic therapy harness have been nothing short of phenomenal! The horses respond extraordinarily quickly and positively to the therapy. Especially in horses that experience a lot of tension, we’ve seen a significant change!

Maximum Comfort and Fit: Our design focuses on creating a perfect fit around the horse’s neck and ears. The wider pressure distribution and elastic materials relieve sore areas for a comfortable and gentle experience for your horse.

World-class magnets: We use the best magnets specifically developed for therapeutic purposes. These magnets radiate negative polarity from both sides and are designed to improve wellbeing and performance. Each magnet is at least 3000 Gauss with a powerful magnetic energy field.

Robust and Safe Materials: Our Neodymium magnets are not only durable but also safe to use. They can withstand rain, sweat and salt without rusting or cracking. We differentiate ourselves from others by not using ferrite magnets, which can cause problems on damp horses.

Stylish and Functional Design: With our Easy Lock system on the headband, you can easily adjust the size so the headband sits correctly on your horse’s forehead. We’ve created a modern fit for the modern horse with a wider forehead/jaw and smaller circumference around the nose for a stylish and comfortable solution.

Attention to Detail: Not only have we focused on the magnetic therapy, but also on creating a bridle that suits modern horses and riders. With our handmade customization and use of selected quality skins from Europe, we ensure an optimal riding experience.

Long Warranty and Care: We trust the quality of our product so much that we give you a 6-year warranty on your bridle. To ensure longevity, we recommend caring for and cleaning your bridle monthly and storing it at room temperature.

Do your horse a favor by investing in the Magnetic Therapy Bridle™ – a combination of innovation, comfort and style. Our bridles are designed to make a positive difference in your horse’s wellbeing and performance, so you can enjoy every ride to the fullest. 🌈🐎🌟

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