You have selected partially stitched dark brown leather with lacquer - Cavaleros Denmark
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You have selected partially stitched dark brown leather with lacquer


Unfortunately, we don’t have the model you want – but did you know that we can custom-make your favorite tank top to your specifications? The price is about 50% on top of the normal price and takes about 1-2 months. This way you get a custom-made bridle that is completely unique. You can also choose different linings and different colored stones on the noseband. The only limit is your imagination.

You can contact us at customercare@cavaleros.dk or 8130 7787 and we will be happy to help you design your new bridle. Otherwise, you can redo the guide and maybe find another one you like as well.

Gratis fragt over 299,- dkk & gratis fragt til privatlevering over 1499,- dkk - lynhurtig levering - 365 dages billig ombytning på alle varer!
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