You have selected partially stitched in black leather with lacquer and without stones - Cavaleros Denmark
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You have selected partially stitched in black leather with lacquer and without stones

Here’s the finished result!

We hope you’re happy with our guide – we’re always happy to get a social media tag or review.

Remember, you can always measure the size that will fit your horse from our size guide

If there’s nothing you like about the models you’ve chosen, we can custom-make your favorite string according to your wishes. The price is about 50% on top of the normal price and takes about 2-3 months. Contact our customer service at customercare@cavaleros.dk or by phone 8130 7787

You can also always choose a different headband for your bridle if we have it in stock. Write the name of the headband in the comments section of your order, remember that the color must match your chosen bridle.

Thank you for choosing to use our guide

Pga messe har vi fra d. 23. Februar - 14. Marts lukket i kundeservice. Vi behandler stadig ordrer normalt - men vi kan ikke behandle dine retur-varer/ombytningsvarer før efter messen.