365-day FREE exchange - Cavaleros Denmark
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365-day FREE exchange

365 days FREE return on ALL your items purchased from Cavaleros

This return portal is FREE and may only be used by our 365-day exchange rule or by agreement with us regarding a complaint.


We have an extra service that gives you a 365-day free exchange right on all items purchased at www.cavaleros.dk. It is completely free for you to switch to another item. However, we do not give money back. So for the same amount or higher.


You must first buy your new item on our webshop before you can use our FREE 365-day exchange rule. You can possibly write that you send an item back in the comments field on your new order! But not a requirement.


Then you can use the FREE portal to send your item back. We will refund the money the same day or the day after we receive it from you! Except on the weekends.


Here’s how you do it:

Order your new item on our website that you want to exchange the purchased item for.

To ensure that we have the item you would like to exchange the item for, the easiest way is that it is available on the website, otherwise we do not have it in stock.
You can then look for another item or color if the one you want is sold out. We will then refund your item as soon as it arrives with us!

Use this link to get a free return label


It requires you to have a printer!

Remember to print out a return slip and fill it out!


CREATE ONLY 1 RETURN LABEL PER. ORDER. You will be invoiced 50, – per piece if you create more, as we pay for every single return label!


If you have a complaint that you, according to us, have an agreement about, you must proceed to point no. 2!

If you want to return your item WITHOUT getting another, look under the link “return”

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