1 pc WAVE RLT SMALL & 1 set Therapy boots a´ 2 pcs (Kopier) - Cavaleros Denmark
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1 pc WAVE RLT SMALL & 1 set Therapy boots a´ 2 pcs (Kopier)

inkl. moms

Travel bag with WAVE RLT light therapy pad, straps & 1 set of Therapy boots (2 pcs)



Produkt Beskrivelse

WAVE RLT Light Therapy – makes your horse or dog perform and perform better

Use our system before and after training to prevent injuries. Your horse will be able to work and recover better after treatment with the system. It only takes 5min in each area but gives great effect on the long run!

WAVE RLT has dual lights in each LED, as the only ones on the market. This allows you to give an exact dose of light at the same time in the area you are treating. Our light leans on the many thousands of studies that have been done in the field to give you a product that works!

By collecting 2 wavelengths in each LED, each area gets the right wavelengths as the studies done in the area. Most other products have divided all wavelengths into each LED so that the dose becomes more diffuse. It is important to give 850 nm near-infrared in the ENTIRE area you want to treat as it has the strongest effect on the body and cells!

We use the wavelengths most experiments have been made with 660 nm red light & the powerful and powerful 850 nm near-infrared light!

We do not use the blue light as it is the weakest light and is mostly used to fight acne in skin care clinics.


With powerful lights in specific wavelengths, WAVE RLT has the same positive effect as lasers, just without side effects and intended for home use. You can use WAVE RLT every day and several times a day. The cells can only absorb the amount of light they need. Then they will do their maximum work and you can prevent bad cells from dying or decomposing.

The technology is based on NASA’s research and studies show that treatment with red and infrared light creates energy for the cells.


WAVE RLT is made to make it easy for you. We are the only ones in the world to have made a system that can be used EVERYWHERE on the horse, with a smart strap system and products that can be put together crosswise and crosswise. There will not be a place where you can NOT place your WAVE RLT. You will feel the effect on your horse after very few treatments!


Our products are like the only ones on the market, made so that they can be bent in ALL directions!

This is possible as our battery can be moved around and attached where it is needed. We have had a strong focus on durability and functionality!



-Less stiffness and tension

-Pain relief for old injuries, arthritis, etc.

-Great effect on stressed animals

-Joint therapy

-Increased recovery in muscles and joints

-Increases blood circulation and removes waste products

-Heals damage up to 200% faster

-Treats inflammation effectively

-Faster wound healing and reduces scarring oma

-Treatment from 3-10 min

-Can be used on all animals


Package contents:

-WAVE RLT SMALL 23×35.5 cm with velcro top and neoprene back with plastic window

-Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 11.1V / 2200mAh with velcro

-Charger DC 12.6 V – Charging current: 0.2-1C

-Beautiful travel suitcase with zipper in shockproof EVA material

-1 set of Wave Therapy Boots (2 in total) With FIR technology for increased blood flow

-Straps with velcro (3 pcs S, 1 pc X-Large) For use on hocks, knees, legs, neck, head, neck.

-Manual with instructions in use as well as pictures and instructions in the use of all our products


More info:

Wavelengths: 660 nm, 850 nm

Number of red and near-infrared LED lights: red 40 pcs. + near-infrared 40 pcs.

Power density (irridiance): 77.8mW / cm2

Power: 30,000 mW

The product is Danish designed and thus thoroughly tested according to Danish standards


We get our LED from a manufacturer that makes FDA approved products for the USA.

FDA means that it must be used in the pharmaceutical industry on humans and has a proven effect!

There is a 2 year warranty on all production defects.

LED life: about 80,000 hours!

Battery life is about 5-8 hours – and has a quick charger function.

Your battery is fully charged in a maximum of 3 hours!

Always ask your vet if your horse has an injury!


Danish manual: https://www.flipsnack.com/cavaleros/wave-red-light-therapy.html

English userguide: https://www.flipsnack.com/cavaleros/wave-red-light-therapy/full-view.html

German manual: https://www.flipsnack.com/cavaleros/wave-red-light-therapy.html



2011_Effect-of-LED-Therapy-on-the-Development-of-Osteoarthritis-in-A-Rabbit-Model-J-of-Biomedicin-and-Pharmacology (1)

Analysis-of-laser-and-LED-for-Tissue-Repair-in-Diabetic-Rats Braziltendon hamblin + bi-dose response



lllt + Vs + ultrasound

nasa + woundheal


Here you can read about the different types of light. For example, that the red light is wound healing!

USA + article-Light + that + can + cure + you

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