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wave G3


7.100,00 kr.

inkl. moms

Travel case with WAVE RLT light therapy pad G3, 11 pcs straps, Therapy boots & halter

As the first on the market, we have 3 wavelengths in each LED

NEW product upgrade – instead of a normal battery, it now comes with 1 controller that can be timed.

Increased flexibility and strength

54 LEDs – 54 red light + 108 Near Infrared light for a total of 162 LEDs in each pad!

NEW incl WAVE RLT PEN 2.0 value 1649,-



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Produkt Beskrivelse

WAVE RLT Light Therapy G3

As the first on the market, we have implemented 3 wavelengths in each LED and we have improved the flexibility and strength of our pads.


Use our system before and after training to prevent injuries. Your horse will be able to work and recover better after treatment with the system. It only takes 5min in each area but makes a big impact in the long run!

WAVE RLT has double lights in each LED, the only ones on the market. This allows you to give a precise dose of light simultaneously in the area you are treating. Our light leans on the thousands of studies done in the field to give you a product that works!


Most other products have split all wavelengths in each LED but it does not follow the studies in the field. Here, all wavelengths are given simultaneously.

In our new G3 pads – we have 660 nm, 850 nm and the popular 905 nm.

It is important to apply near infrared to the ENTIRE area you want to treat as it has the most powerful effect on the body and cells!


We do not use the blue light as it is the weakest light and is mostly used to fight certain p-acne bacteria in skin care clinics.


WAVE RLT, with powerful light in specific wavelengths, has the same positive effect as lasers, but without side effects and designed for home use. You can use WAVE RLT every day and several times a day. Cells can only absorb the amount of light they need. Then they will do their maximum work and you can prevent bad cells from dying or breaking down.

The technology is based on NASA research and studies show that treatment with red and infrared light energizes cells.


WAVE RLT is made to make it easy for you. We are the only company in the world to have created a system that can be used EVERYWHERE on the horse, with a clever strap system and products that can be interlocked. There will be no place where you can NOT place your WAVE RLT. You will notice the effect on your horse after very few treatments!


Our products are the only ones on the market made to bend in ANY direction – in fact, we dare to say we have the highest durability on our pads versus anything else you can find!


We have upgraded our batteries to controllers that can be timed and have a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

You can control the power via the controller – if you need to.

It could be for treating a dog – as they are much more sensitive to light therapy than humans and horses.



-Less stiffness and tension

-Spain relieving on old injuries, arthritis etc.

-High effect on stressed animals

-Led treatment

-Increased recovery in muscles and joints

-Increases blood circulation and removes waste products

-Heals injuries up to 200% faster

-Treats inflammations effectively

-Faster seed dispersal and reduces scarring etc.

-Treatment from 3-10 min

-Can be used on all animals


Package contents:

-WAVE RLT SMALL G3 23×35.5 cm with Velcro top and neoprene back with plastic window

-Rechargeable controller Lithium-ion battery 11.1V/2200mAh with Velcro with time interval

-Charger DC 12.6 V – Charging current: 0.2-1C

-Flat zippered travel case in shock-resistant EVA material

-Velcro straps (3 pcs S, 1 pcs X-Large) For use on hips, knees, legs, neck, head, neck.

-Manual with instructions in use as well as pictures and instructions in use of all our products

  • Incl WAVE RLT 2.0 Pen


Further information:

Wavelengths: 660 nm, 850 nm & 905 nm

Number of red and near-infrared LED lights: red 54 pcs. + near-infrared 108 pieces total 162 pieces

Power density (irridiance): 77.8mW/cm2 – 121 mW/cm2 – the most important number. This figure shows how much force the product sends into the tissue!

Power: 30.000 mW

The product is Danish designed and thus tested according to Danish standards


We get our LEDs from a manufacturer that makes FDA approved products for the US.

FDA means it can be used in the pharmaceutical industry on humans and has a proven effect!

There is a 2 year warranty on all manufacturing defects.

LED lifetime: approx. 80,000 hours!

The battery life is about 5-8 hours – and is with quick charger function.

Your battery will be fully charged in 3-6 hours max!

Always ask your vet if your horse has an injury!





WAVE RLT SMALL 23×35.5 cm with velcro top and neoprene back with plastic window

NEW incl WAVE RLT PEN 2.0 value 1649,-

-11.1V/2200mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with Velcro

-Oplader DC 12.6 V – Charging current: 0.2-1C

-Flat alu suitcase

-WAVE Halter grime with velcro 3 places in the jaw region so you can easily deal in the head. 3 carabiners ensure easy attachment!

-1 set of Wave Therapy Boots (2 in total) With FIR technology for increased blood flow – can be used for stable gaiters

-Velcro straps (2 pcs S, 2 pcs M, 1 pc XL, 2 pcs 2xl, 1 pc 3 XL)

-Manual with instructions in use as well as pictures and instructions in use of all our products

See our test

See our test



Technical data

Technical data

Wavelengths: 660 nm & 850 nm & 905 nm (3 wavelengths in each medical LED)

Power: 30.000 mW each

Power density: 77.8 mW/cm2 – 121 mW/cm2 – this is the power of the light itself to penetrate tissue and skin – the most powerful on the market!

Number of LEDs: 54 pcs with 3 wavelengths in each LED – for the most optimal treatment. Overall, 162 LEDs

What should I look for when investing in light therapy?

What should I look for when investing in light therapy?

We get this question a lot – and it’s a jungle to navigate!
That’s why we’ve put together some info for you here:
1.✅ First and foremost, you need to ask about data. You’ll also want to ask about the engine size of the car you want to buy. Or how far it gets on the gas.
It is measured on the SURFACE and in mW/cm2 – it can NOT be measured in W or mW on the product alone. This is because there can be a big difference in how much comes OUT of the product. We have measured the most well-known ones on the market and they range from 5mW/cm2- 42 mW/cm2.
Ours is 77.8-91.3mW/cm2
2. ✅Does the product give off waste heat? Why is it important? This is extremely important because if you are going to use the product on the tendons, I think you want to avoid injuries due to high heat from the product. Ours do not give off waste heat and cannot become hot or burn. It’s a patented system that makes it happen. Therefore, it is 100% safe to use and can actually be left on for several hours – as we do at trade fairs.
3. ✅How close is the LED? This is important because where there is no light – you get no treatment. It’s as simple as that. The wavelengths cannot move out to the sides. ONLY straight up. All the measurements we have made say so.
Some products have large areas where there is NO light – on a leg this is of great importance as the circumference of a leg is typically 20 cm in pipe dimensions. If there are 10 cm between each strand – it is very difficult to hit the tendon precisely.
4. ✅Our light has both 660nm and 850nm in each LED – so you get the same dose every time – like a laser. Many other products divide it into each strand 10 cm apart or 3 cm apart. This is completely wrong when you read the studies. There, red light and near-infrared must be provided AT THE SAME TIME to support effective treatment.
5. ✅How easy is it to clean? Ours is a closed system and is easy to wipe clean. No dirt can get into the system and you’ve quickly cleaned it.
6. ✅How user-friendly is it? How easy is the system to use. Do you need to buy a product for each area or can you quickly modify the system to be used in multiple locations? We think it’s important that you can easily attach it with our strap system and easily put it in a new place. All our pieces can be put together to make a new size. We were the first to do this. This makes it easy to take in and use on yourself.
7. ✅How durable is it? All things have limits. But we have done a lot to make sure it can cope with the things we put it through in the barn. Pads can be bent in all directions – backwards, etc. The system is made as a unique current-carrying plate that doesn’t have a lot of wires inside that can come apart. Check out TRUSPILOT – what other users say about the product before you invest.
8. ✅How long does the battery last? It’s really annoying that the battery is dead when you need it. We all know it! Our new controllers let you see how much power is left – so you’ll never run out. You can also set the time to intervals of 5-30 min.
9. ✅Why don’t you have blue lights? We have for several reasons. The blue light is actually outside the optical therapeutic window which ranges from 600-1400nm in wavelengths. The blue – if you google it – is mostly used to fight acne bacteria on the face. The blue light is max 0.5 mm in the fabric – that is, ONLY on the surface. The blue light cannot optimize the cells! Whereas the red goes much deeper AND has been shown to help regenerate cells. That’s why only red and near-infrared light is used worldwide – no blue light. Very few people have the blue – in our world, it’s a waste when treating horses! That’s why we’d rather make room for more red and near-infrared LEDs 🙂
10. ✅How is it wrapped? We think it’s important that expensive equipment is packaged so that it can be transported around. That’s why all our products come in aluminum suitcases or in an impact-resistant travel case.
11. ✅Do you have the possibility to rent the product for free beforehand? If you have a product you trust, you will also rent it out for a customer’s benefit. We don’t take a deposit – because we never have anything that breaks. We will also give you your rental back if you choose to buy a WAVE product within 30 days of returning your product. We pay the shipping – so you have no additional costs – whether you rent for 1 week or 6 weeks. You will always get your rent back – if you choose to buy after the rental period.
12. ✅How is the LED protected? It is not unimportant how the LED is packaged. We know it from a window – the clearer the material, the more light shines through. The more matt the window is – the more the light/wavelengths are absorbed.
We have seen several products where the LED is wrapped in matte silicone. So you may say that it is strong – but what comes out through the silicone is MUCH weaker than you expect. We’ll show you in a video where we get the glass dirty on a WAVE PEN – you can see a clear degradation in performance and the wavelengths sent into the tissue. In fact, it doesn’t take more than a fat finger – so imagine the light wrapped in matte silicone! Therefore, it is important to measure the light output on the SURFACE of the skin – mW/cm2 on the surface.
13. ✅ Our LEDs are used in American hospitals in fixed stationary equipment. That is why it is also medically approved in the United States. CE approved and FDA approved.
14. ✅We don’t use powerbanks but batteries designed for our product, measured by experts and adapted to our pads. If they go down in battery power, it does NOT affect the treatment. This means that if your battery is at 30% – you still get 100% treatment. It is a patented solution. We know that this is not the case for other products – where the battery is not sized for the product and where the quality of the battery means that you lose the effect of the treatment. We have a team of engineers who can make these measurements and graphs – on how the product and battery work best together. It’s not just a coincidence – made without any knowledge of electronics.
-In addition, we have the largest selection of pads 😉
We are always ready to help you by phone +45 81307787 Monday to Friday from 11-17 – Wednesday closed.
See our dealer list here: https://cavaleros.dk/forhandlere/

Studies & proven effect

Studies & proven effect

  • 2019 – Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) guidelines recommend PBM treatment for the prevention of oral mucositis. Click here


  • 2017 – Low level laser improves survival of head and neck cancer patients. Click here


  • 2017 – American College of Physicians Guidelines include a“strong recommendation” for Low-Level Laser Therapy as a non-invasive Treatments for Acute, Subacute & Chronic Low Back Pain. Click here

American College of Physicians Guidelines include a “strong recommendation” for Low-Level Laser Therapy as a non-invasive Treatments for Acute, Subacute & Chronic Low Back Pain


  • 2016 – BMJ PBM for chronic non-specific low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials found “moderate quality of evidence” and “clinically important benefits” in the short term. Click here



  • 2014 – 30% reduction of the costs of hospitalisation in PBM Oral Mucositis patients. Click here


Laser vs LED













Pain management




Wound care



Lllt vs LED



Tendon inflammation



Bone fracture


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